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What do our customers say?

Quick, Easy, Effective; don't just take our word for it, see what our customers say:

“If I had not taken the osteolabs test I would have been at the fracture stage again. I cannot recommend this product enough!”

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2009 after suffering multiple fractures and spine collapse. I came off Alendronic Acid tablets 7 years ago & have been taking calcium supplements since, but recentlynoticed a decline in my health and strength.  I decided to take the Osteolabs test which indicated that my bone health was declining and I was not absorbing as much calcium as required.  My GP referred me for an urgent DXA scan which has confirmed that I have gone back into an osteoporatic state and need further treatment. If I had not taken the Osteolabs test I would have been at the stage of fracture again whilst awaiting my routine 3 year scan but I am now in a position to prevent further fractures and access the appropriate treatment.  I will continue to take the osteolabs test periodically to monitor my progress.  I cannot recommend this product enough.”

CB, Oxfordshire

"Really useful insight"

"As a GP and Menopause Doctor, it is very important to consider the bone health of my patients.  OsteoTest | home test is a quick, safe and easy test for patients to take and as their clinician it gives me some really useful insight into the status of their bone health to help inform treatment plans. As it can be easily repeated, it can also be used to monitor the success of any interventions introduced."

Dr Fionnuala Barton, The Menopause Medic

"Familial history of osteoporosis"

"I have a familial history of Osteoporosis on my mother’s side of the family. My mum was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2009 following multiple fractures and spine collapse.  Now I have reached 40 years of age I wanted to take the Osteolabs test to see what my bone health status was. I am now aware that I have less calcium intake than I should at my age and am supplementing my diet and take regular exercise to help prevent my risk of Osteoporosis.  I will take another Osteolabs test when I am post-menopausal to continue to monitor my bone health."

EH, Buckinghamshire

"Peace of mind"

"I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to try the Osteolabs Osteoporosis test. The test was easy to do and the results were easy to interpret. It has given me peace of mind to see my results are good for my age. I work with many clients who have concerns about bone health, especially vegan and perimenopause clients. It is great to be able to recommend a test for these clients to assess their osteoporosis risk."

Caroline Farrell, Nutritionist

"Osteolabs should be available to everyone!"

A pioneering service for health that gives you valuable bone health information.I was so impressed with the concept. My osteolabs kit arrived in the post, very promptly and was very easy and clear to use. The instructions were clear and once you have the test ready you simply just put the test inside the provided envelope. The test is sent away to be tested and you receive your very own report. 

Osteoporosis is dominant in my family, so I was incredibly intrigued to find out how my bone health was. The detailed report I received provided a thorough breakdown of my bone health. Reassuring and a must have preventative health measure that I feel should be available to all.  

As a post menopausal woman I was so relieved that osteolabs UK confirmed that my lifestyle, exercise and  HRT are all helping to ensure my bones are strong. 

I cannot recommend osteolabs UK highly enough!” 

Lorna Ive, Founder


"Peace of mind"

"As a Menopause Campaigner and someone who had previously suffered a few broken bones I was really pleased, if a little nervous, to have the opportunity to take an osteotest. When the kit arrived it contained everything I needed including a comprehensive instruction leaflet which was all very easy to understand, with no complicated medical jargon. Taking the test was quick and easy, it was then just a case of popping the sample in the post and waiting for an email confirming my results were ready to download.  

My results certainly made me sit up. My bone health was borderline – but the negative part of borderline and certainly below the level it should be for a woman my age. The calcium level in my body was within normal range, but again it is the lower levels of this range. While I knew I needed to think about my bones, seeing details in black and white (and colourful graphics) really hit home, giving me the impetus to make some lifestyle changes and be more focussed when it comes to my bone health. 

I would highly recommend the test to all menopausal women; with one in two women over the age of 60 suffering from osteoporosis the sooner you know your risk the sooner you can take action.”

Elizabeth Ellis, Menopause Campaigner and Blogger 


"A great way to monitor bone health"

"As someone who has previously been diagnosed with osteoporosis it was really interesting to take an OsteoTest to find out the current status of my bone health. I am about to start introducing additional measures to support my bone health and will retest in 6 months as a means of monitoring progress. The test itself was quick and easy to do and the report was very comprehensive."

Julie Robinson

Founder and CEO MenoHealth and Move It or Lose It

"Really quick and easy to do"

I found it really quick and easy to do and was stress free!

I found the advice I received following my results very helpful.

Thank you once again 

Kind regards 

HM, Oxfordshire

“It was very easy and straightforward to do the test, the results were insightful and reassuring with clear next steps on what to do with the results.”

SA, aged 51, Surrey

"The results were insightful"

"Peace of Mind"

"Just to say thank you to Osteolabs for doing my Osteoporosis test, so quick and easy to do at home. Results came back to me in an easy-to-read format. It has definitely given me peace of mind."

Sue S, Somerset

“The test was easy to use and the result easy to access and understand. As I have a family history of osteoporosis I try to take care of my health. I thought the test would be a good way of establishing my current level of risk of developing the disease. I was reassured by the result.”

JA, Buckinghamshire

"A good way of establishing my current risk"

"Really useful test to do"

"The testing kit was delivered in a box which didn't identify it as being a health test which meant confidentially. The test was very easy to use and to return. Getting the results and reading them was also not difficult. I have printed the results so my GP can add them to my medical records. It was a really useful test to do and has made me aware of my risks so I can do something about it before it is too late,"  

CC Oxfordshire

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