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OsteoTest : the quick and easy home urine test to find out your risk of developing osteoporosis

OsteoTest | home

Find out now if you are at risk of developing osteoporosis

The OsteoTest | home from osteolabs is easy, quick and safe. Simply send your urine sample back to our laboratory. Approximately 21 days later get a comprehensive personalised report about the current status of your bone health.  


What's in the Box?

The kit includes everything you need to be able to take the test:

  • Full instructions (with clear diagrams)
  • A Self-disclosure form to complete personal health data
  • A Urine collection cup for ease of collection
  • A Urine monovette to extract a sample from the collection cup
  • A secure container for sending back the sample
  • A pre-paid return label and mailing envelope


How do I take a test and get my results?

  1. Take the urine sample first thing in the morning - before you have a drink, food or any medication.
  2. Complete the self-disclosure form and put it in the mailing envelope, along with the sample (which is in the secure container).
  3. Return to our UK office using the pre-paid mailing bag which can be posted in any letterbox. When you return your sample, make sure you keep a note of your barcode which is on the inside cover of your box, you will need this to download your result. 
  4. When your sample arrives at our office, we will send it on to the laboratory in Germany where it will undergo a comprehensive analysis. 
  5. Approximately 21 days later you will receive an email informing you that your results are ready to download from our secure portal. You will need your date of birth and barcode to access your report. 

What does my report tell me?

OsteoTest | home gives you a comprehensive personalised report on the current status of your bone health. The report is clearly written and includes simple, colour coded graphs with a full explanation and suggested measures that can be taken to improve bone health. Also included is an explanation of osteoporosis and information on understanding the report as well as signposting to further information. A sample report can be found here

Are you already being treated for osteoporosis?

OsteoTest can be repeated as frequently as required and due to it's sensitivity you can easily and safely monitor progress of any treatment you are receiving or measures you have taken to support your bone health. 

“I took an Osteotest in September 2021. I am a woman in my early fifties who was diagnosed by DEXA scan as osteopenic a couple of years ago following a double fracture of the spine. I have since then also cracked ribs. I am now on HRT and biphosphanates. I found the test easy to take and the instructions clear. My results show low calcium levels and good isotope ratio in the urine, which suggests that my treatment is working. The test results make me more confident that I am probably on the right treatment.”

Update April 2023: " I have just had a follow up DEXA scan, which showed an improvement in my bone density, confirming OsteoTest  predictions." KM, Buckinghamshire

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